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As more and more people use their mobile phones to access the Internet, creating a mobile optimized website has become a necessity.Keeping this in mind my design are responsive for all kind of devices

Accessible to All Users

A user-friendly website  accessible to everyone including blind, disabled or the elderly. These users typically use screen-readers to access the Internet. The 508 website accessibility guidelines  web design techniques are applied to make sure your website can be accessed easily on-screen readers, making your website available to a larger audience.

Well Planned Information Architecture

How information is organised and presented on your website is vital for good usability. It has become even more important today as websites offer a wide range of information and resources to attract their target market. I’ll Plan your website sections and categories carefully and present information in a way that it is easy for users to find. I Always think from the perspective of your users. And Provide them best experiance

Effective Navigation

Good navigation is one of the most important aspects of website usability.keeping this in mind my   navigation design will be clutter-free.Incorporating A drop-down menu or sub-navigation may work better on large site with many sections and pages.

Pricing scheme

my Plans


  • 5 pages
  • Mobile-Optimized Website
  • Website Metrics


$ 150
  • upto 10 pages
  • Unlimited Galleries
  • Mobile-Optimized Website
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Website Metrics


$ 200
  • All from Personal +
  • Custom Domain
  • SSL Security
  • ecommerce integration

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